Diversity Native Seeds specialises in bulk native seed for use in direct seeding. We provide quality native seed possessing maximum viability and genetic quality and with maximum chance of successful establishment.

We provide advice on all issues associated with the use of native seed such as species selection, seed treatment, quality assurance and direct seeding techniques.

Regulators and practitioners are placing a greater emphasis on understorey species diversity in revegetation projects to create more complete and sustainable ecosystems. We lead the industry in supplying difficult-to-source understorey shrubs, grasses and forbs in addition to the more readily available tree and shrub species. Click here to see our gallery of understorey pictures.

Constant development of seed harvest techniques and efficiency and handling large volumes means that are prices are always competitive.


Geoff Williams, owner of Diversity Native Seeds, has broad experience and technical expertise in native seed collection and in the design and implementation of broadscale landscapes for ecological and productive values. He has been collecting native seeds on a commercial basis for thirty years. With a Master of Applied Science Degree in Horticulture, he also has an understanding of the scientific principles underlying the use and establishment of native seeds and vegetation. He has specific research experience in native seed genetics, having undertaken a research project investigating provenance variation in drought tolerance in selected native trees.

seed sources

We collect our native seed from wild stands and from seed production areas we have established on our properties in western NSW.

In addition we purchase native seed harvested by expert collectors based throughout the eastern states. We insist on excellence in botanical identification, provenance record keeping and ecologically sound methods from all our collectors.