We offer advice on all aspects of seed supply and project design. Please check our species information profiles for more information on individual species. For more details on individual species or for information and advice in any of the following areas, please contact us:

Species selection

  • analysis of vegetation communities/ecosystems and which species occur within them
  • selection of species that represent the floristic and structural diversity of the vegetation community in question
  • selection of species best suited to direct seeding
  • selection of species with required characteristics eg. quick establishment, suitability to direct seeding
  • selection of appropriate substitutes when seed not available

Direct seeding techniques:

  • methods of application eg. drilling vs. spreading
  • weed control
  • soil preparation/amelioration including nutrients and microorganisms
  • use of cover crops
  • matching seed type to application technique
  • sowing rates

Seed sourcing issues:

  • local provenance seed
  • matching seed genetics to site conditions
  • developing a broad genetic base