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Our species list can be sorted by species name, plant type and region and also contains links to species information profiles. Species information profiles can also be browsed via our species image gallery. To order native seed, make an inquiry, or seek advice regarding native seed simply contact us.

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Prices vary depending on availability, seasonal factors and so on. Please contact us for a quotation.

quantities available

We generally supply bulk seed for broadscale direct seeding. We can supply smaller quantities for nursery production although higher costs per gram apply.


terms and conditions of trade

Quotations and Availability

Species availability and quotations available by contacting Diversity Native Seeds by mail, e-mail and telephone. All quotations and prices are in Australian dollars and are GST exclusive (ie. 10% must be added to quoted prices). Prices may be subject to change without notice. Please note that availability is highly dependent on seasonal factors.


Payment can be made by cheque, money order or electronic funds transfer. Please contact us for EFT banking details. The buyer shall pay for the goods in advance of delivery unless other arrangements are agreed to between the parties. Overdue payments may attract interest payments and cost recovery charges when accounts are placed with a collection agency.


Orders are dispatched via Australia Post unless otherwise arranged. Ownership of seed and any risks associated with transportation passes to the buyer upon our delivery to the Post Office or other designated place of transport. If the buyer requires we are happy to arrange insurance for the transport of orders. Wherever possible dispatch of orders is charged at cost although we reserve the right to charge a small handling fee in some cases.

Warranty and Limitation of Liability

Although we will use reasonable endeavours to satisfy any buyer complaint in relation to the goods, owing to the variables associated with the collection, cleaning, treatment and response of biological material we provide no guarantee of success in seed germination and genetic purity of seed or for the accuracy of technical advice provided, and all warranties, representation, promises, conditions or statements regarding these factors whether expressed or implied and whether statutory or otherwise are to the full extent permitted by law hereby expressly excluded. Diversity Native Seed’s liability for losses arising from these factors is limited to: the replacement of the seed or the supply of equivalent seed; the payment of the cost of replacing the seed or of acquiring equivalent seed or having the seed supplied again.

Placing an order includes acceptance of the above terms and conditions.