Acacia stenophylla. river coobah

Family Mimosaceae
Description Rounded large shrub to small tree with weeping branches. Relatively long-lived
Flowering Time winter
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Vegetation Communities Riparian zones and low-lying parts of floodplains in myall and other grassy woodland communities.
Soil Types Heavy soils.
Values / Uses
Revegetation / Habitat Values Excellent species for soil stabilisation in riparian and other zones subject to waterlogging. Unlike most wattles the seed pods do not split, instead breaking up into segments and dispersing via floodwaters. Tolerant of salinity and suckers freely
Amenity / Ornamental Values Individual plants vary greatly in foliage and form. The best specimens are extremely attractive trees.
Other Values Attractive timber for craft uses, fuelwood, fence posts. May have fodder value.
Water Deficit average
Compaction average to high
Waterlogging very high
Shade low
Minimum Temperature -5 degrees
Average no. Seeds per Gram 9
Viability Period long
Dormancy physical
Treatment boiling water or scarification
Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees 3-25
Direct Seeding easy