Corymbia trachyphloia (syn. Eucalyptus trachyphloia). brown bloodwood

Family Myrtaceae
Description Medium tree, variable in form from quite straight to low and spreading.
Flowering Time Late-summer-autumn
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Florabank Profile
Vegetation Communities Grassy woodland and dry sclerophyll forest
Soil Types Well drained acidic soils, commonly sandstones and granites.
Values / Uses
Revegetation / Habitat Values Dominant or co-dominant canopy tree. Flowering is prolific in some years, attracting large numbers of nectar feeding birds.
Amenity / Ornamental Values Flowers are quite showy and sweetly scented. The bark is very attractive and old specimens have great character
Other Values The timber is heavy and durable, commonly used for fence posts. Used for mine-site rehabilitation in central Queensland
Water Deficit extremely high
Compaction low
Waterlogging low
Shade low
Minimum Temperature -5 degrees
Average no. Seeds per Gram 130
Viability Period long
Dormancy none
Treatment none
Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees 5-14
Direct Seeding