Dillwynia retorta. heathy parrot pea

Family Fabaceae
Description Small to medium upright shrub.
Flowering Time spring
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Florabank Profile
Vegetation Communities Heath and dry sclerophyll communities. Mostly in coastal areas but some inland extensions.
Soil Types Well drained sandy or rocky soils.
Values / Uses
Revegetation / Habitat Values Important for understorey diversity. Primary coloniser after fire but some plants persist as permanent component of understorey.
Amenity / Ornamental Values Very attractive shrub, the orange and yellow flowers contrast nicely with the frsh-green, soft foliage. species.
Other Values Nitrogen fixer.
Water Deficit extremely high
Compaction low
Waterlogging low
Shade average
Minimum Temperature -5 degrees
Average no. Seeds per Gram 100
Viability Period long
Dormancy physical
Treatment boiling water or scarification
Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees not known
Direct Seeding easy