Eremophila debilis. amulla

Family Myoporaceae
Description Prostrate subshrub forming a dense mat of fleshy leaves. Stems tend to form roots where they touch soil.
Flowering Time late spring-early summer
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Florabank Profile
Vegetation Communities Grassy woodlands including white box and myall communities
Soil Types Generally on heavier or more fertile soils.
Values / Uses
Revegetation / Habitat Values Major understorey species. Produces abundant fruit important as a food source for birds
Amenity / Ornamental Values Useful groundover. Flowers are attractive and the fruit showy.
Other Values Palatable to stock. Only common in ungrazed woodlands.
Water Deficit high
Compaction average
Waterlogging average
Shade high
Minimum Temperature -5 degrees
Average no. Seeds per Gram 10
Viability Period long
Dormancy not known but physical and chemical inhibitors have been reported in some species of eremophila
Treatment For some eremophila species removal of the flesh and hard seed coat allows rapid germination but this may be time consuming.
Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees 7-30 days for treated seed. Untreated seed likely to be much slower
Direct Seeding not known