Eucalyptus albens. white box

Family Myrtaceae
Description Medium spreading tree
Flowering Time Autumn-Spring
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Florabank Profile
Vegetation Communities Dry schlerophyll Forests amd Grassy Woodlands
Soil Types High fertility usually volcanic soils.
Values / Uses
Revegetation / Habitat Values Dominant or co-dominant canopy tree. The most important tree species in many woodland communities.
Amenity / Ornamental Values Attractive tree, the bluish crown can be very even and dense in well spaced trees. The flaky grey bark often has unusual white bands and blotches. Flowers abundant but partly hidden among foliage.
Other Values Extremely important species for revegtation of woodland communities over large parts of NSW and Victoria especially. Timber is attractive and durable, suitable for posts, craftwood and firewood. Abundant nectar producer.
Water Deficit average-high
Compaction average
Waterlogging average
Shade low
Minimum Temperature -8 degrees
Average no. Seeds per Gram 140
Viability Period long
Dormancy none
Treatment none
Days From First to Last Germination at 25 Degrees 5-14
Direct Seeding