Many native vegetation communities were formerly rich in understorey grass, forb and shrub species, but this component has often been lost due to changes in grazing and fire regimes. Scientists, regulators and the public at large are increasingly aware of the role these species play in ecosystem function and diversity, not to mention their aesthetic qualities. As a result there is increasing emphasis on including some of these species in revegetation projects. This has created a small but increasing demand for a range of species not before available and many new projects find it difficult to source the seeds they require. This situation applies even to some of the relatively common understorey shrubs, but is even more critical with forbs and some grass species. Diversity Native Seeds leads the industry in sourcing sufficient quantities of these species to allow them to be used in large scale direct seeding projects. The gallery on this page displays many of the species we stock, and also aims to highlight the richness and beauty of understorey species. To see what can be achieved with these species on a large scale, click here to view our picture gallery of results achieved with our seeds on a Rio Tinto minesite in the Hunter Valley.