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DNS prioritises quality in all of our operations. Our seed is harvested at optimum levels of ripeness and stored under cool, dry conditions to maximise shelf life. Seed is of the highest genetic quality and is harvested from the provenance locations closest to our projects. Our vast experience and botanical expertise mean that species are correctly identified and viability and purity levels are assured with a comprehensive testing regime.

Our standard QA data, available to all customers, consists of viability and seed count information. This data is provided (along with price and availability) at the quotation stage.

Our long-term contract and priority customers have access to our full Quality Assurance Portal. Access to the portal is gained via the login button and the username and password provided. The information contained in the portal covers: seed viability and purity, provenance and genetic quality, species ID verification, seed dormancy and flowability treatments, DNS research trials and more. A wealth of additional information is provided via the portal including our full species information profiles rather than the abbreviated version available on the public website. The full species profiles include more detailed seed technical data, and species performance on mine-site direct seeding projects. We also provide access to our Mix Design System which includes data and methodologies for compiling species mixes. The system combines data on seed availability, dormancy, storage, direct seeding success and other functional traits with lists of ecologically desirable species to allow the design of mixes that are practical with high ecological integrity.