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Get your rehab done on time and with quality seed using Diversity Native Seeds. We offer you the widest range and largest quantities of native species for mine site rehabilitation. By using us you will receive ready-to-go mixes: properly mixed and bagged, clearly labelled, diverse, fully treated seed complete with any cover crop or bulking agent required. Our range includes diverse understorey species of native grasses and wildflowers on top of trees and shrubs. The scale of our harvest and storage operations means that stock is available at all times.


About Us

Like you, we are committed to achieving successful ecological restoration on mine sites. This, of course, provides habitat value for native fauna and maximises ecosystem services. A passion to see these outcomes is what drives DNS to achieve excellence in what it does.

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Species Information Profiles


We offer you a range of services including seed dormancy treatment, seed mixing, addition of cover crops and bulking agent and seed testing/quality assurance. These extras provide big savings in time and hassle; our seed mixes as supplied are ready to go without any further treatment or handling on the ground.

Seed Dormancy Treatment

Diversity Native Seeds is an industry leader in providing various seed dormancy treatments. This pre-treated seed is ready to germinate as soon as it is sown. Some of the methods we apply are unique to DNS based on our own dormancy treatment research.

Seed Mixing And Batching

Many projects require several different seed mixes representing different native vegetation communities. Individual mixes can include over sixty species and additional items such as bulking agent, cover crop seed and fertiliser.

Seed Testing

We supply seed viability and purity test results for all of our regularly used species. Additional tests can be supplied upon request. Our full Quality Assurance system also includes species ID verification, provenance information and more.

Seed Processing And Coating

All seed is prepared so that the final mix is suited to seed spreading/application equipment used by the customer. Our goal is to provide a mixed product that our customers can get in the ground with minimum handling and maximum results.